Continuous Geared Door Hinge

Premium Hardware carries several types and sizes of continuous geared door hinges. The main difference between continuous hinges and other varieties is that on a continuous model, the hinge extends the length of the door. This provides additional durability — an important quality for high-traffic areas.

Our Rockwell line of products includes both full surface and full mortise continuous geared door hinges. Let us match you with the best product for your application.

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Full Surface Door Hinges

We manufacture our full-surface continuous gear door hinges from 6063 T6 aluminum alloy: a strong, lightweight metal that is ideal for heavy-duty applications. Two models are available: the 21 Series product for standard door frames and the 30 Series product for narrow frames. Both feature a non-handed design, self-lubricating concealed bearings and a tamper-resistant removable door leaf cover.

Full Mortise Door Hinges

Full mortise hinges attach directly to a door and frame. Rockwell 10 Series and 24 Series full mortise products offer durable and reliable performance. They feature an integrated door edge guard and the same high-quality construction as the company’s full surface products. We sell our full mortise continuous hinges with or without a lip to support a variety of applications.

Follow the links below for detailed specifications and installation instructions for all continuous geared door hinges available from Premium Hardware. We offer affordable pricing and fast shipping from our Northern California warehouse. If you have any questions or would like help choosing the right model, call or email our office directly.