Residential Door Hardware

Premium Hardware's high-end residential door products offer the quality and style homeowners need, at a price that's right for today's budgets. We specialize in luxury products that stand the test of time while delivering excellent security and overall value. A longstanding partner to interior designers, locksmiths and contractors, we have the expertise and the inventory necessary to match you and your customers with the best possible combination of products.

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Check Out Our Luxury Sliding Door Hardware, Including Door Handles

Follow the links on this page to view our full inventory of luxury sliding door handles and hardware. Many of our products are designed in-house, while others represent a carefully chosen selection from some of today’s most-respected brands. We back all products with exceptional service from our team of experts.

Whether you’re looking for a simple cylinder lock or deadbolt, a keyless entry system or a complete door handle set, we’ve got the quality products you need. In addition to front door hardware, we also carry an extensive selection of luxury shower door handles for your bathroom. Browse our inventory or contact a representative directly for details.

High-End Door Hardware for Discerning Homeowners

When it comes to today’s high-end homes, every detail counts. Designers who appreciate the impact something as small as a doorknob can have in a room are better positioned to work with discerning clients and build a positive reputation for their business. Premium Hardware specializes in elegant, simple designs that are contemporary without being overly trendy. Our door knobs and handles match with most styles of d├ęcor and feature premium finishes that add a touch of additional class.

Explore the possibilities in our online catalog. You’ll find a range of options suitable for even the most demanding, design-forward homeowner.

Safety You Can Count On

Good looks mean nothing if door hardware doesn’t fulfill its primary function of keeping a home safe and secure. This is especially important in luxurious properties, which make a more attractive target for thieves. Premium Hardware door handles feature the Rockwell Multipoint locking system, an exclusive system we’ve designed to deter theft and keep your customers safe. Rockwell Multipoint locks come with three locking points, a kick proof anti-jemmy lockset, and a center deadbolt that is laminated and hardened with an anti-sawing feature.

Not only do these features improve security, but they also improve the overall stability of the door, preventing warping and improving insulation. The Rockport Multipoint system can be found on a range of different products with various sizes, styles and configurations, making it suitable for almost any home.

Your Residential Door Hardware Experts

Because we design the majority of our luxury residential doorknobs in-house, we know our lineup better than anyone and can provide expert advice to each customer. Whether you are looking for luxury shower door hardware or sliding door handles, we can assess your needs and recommend the products that will offer the best combination of performance, value and style.

Follow the links below to visit individual product pages and view specifications and pricing. Call today to speak with a team member directly or place your order online.