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Elevate Your Bathroom Design With Shower Door Towel Bars

Your interior design project is unique, and you need shower door towel bars that align with that design. At Premium Hardware, we offer top-quality yet cost-effective towel bars in a range of finishes. Design a bathroom space that is visually appealing and well-organized using our range of bathroom hardware, including glass door towel bars.

Discover the Perfect Towel Bars and Holders

Our team designs towel bars with various features to meet the requirements of any remodeling project.

Finish Options

Take advantage of the various colors and designs we have to choose from. Options include sleek stainless steel and elegant brushed nickel, both of which resist water and are long-lasting in humid environments. These materials are easy to clean with soap and water to maintain the shiny look. The hardware comes in polished chrome and antique black finishes that will remain shiny and last for many years without the need for extra polish.

Maximizing Functionality in the Bathroom

Our shower door towel racks can fit multiple bathroom layouts. We design different sizes with and without metal washers so you can find the right fit for your project. Plus, you can save space with glass door towel bars that come in different lengths. It’s also important to choose towel bars that can handle the right amount of weight to keep glass shower doors protected over time.

Why Choose Premium Hardware?

We create all our products in-house, producing high-end door hardware with unmatched quality. We’re committed to providing solutions for homeowners, interior designers, contractors and property managers.

Feel free to contact our team for help choosing towel racks that fit different types of glass shower doors. Place your order for our shower door hardware today.