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Automatic Window Locks

Providing enhanced security measures that still look elegant is an important part of building and designing systems for safe homes and businesses. Premium Hardware produces innovative automatic sliding window locks that stand the test of time and offer a hassle-free solution, making them the best way to secure windows with little effort.

We comply with the highest quality control standards to ensure the products leaving our Northern California facility offer excellent performance.

What Makes Our Sliding Window Locks Stand Out?

Our custom-built Rockwell locks are easy to use. All our locks fit into egressed openings, have easy-acting triggers and are available in architectural finishes. Each option also includes a built-in lock and unlock indicator to confirm whether the window is secure at a glance. The locking sash lock prevents forced entry from the outside and is a popular choice for new builds.

Our three neutral color choices ensure our locks match any commercial and residential building windows, each with a standard handle. Self-locating components streamline assembly, minimizing extra parts, tools and alignment requirements.

Choose Our In-House Designs for Security and Ease of Use

As a leading innovator of architectural hardware, we design these products ourselves, so we know every detail. In-house production allows us to streamline designs for performance, quality and appearance while innovating new options that better suit professionals’ needs, from locksmiths to home builders to interior designers.

If you know which lock best suits your requirements, place your order to have it ready for your next project. Our experienced team can also answer your questions about selecting sturdy and safe window locks.