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70108768 Rockwell RS Multipoint Triple Latch Lock for American Entry Doors


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Our Multipoint Locks for American Entry Doors

Residents often want deadbolt locks for their entry doors to strengthen the overall safety of their homes. With multipoint locks, residents gain the peace of mind they’re searching for. These locks use a deadbolt mechanism and two other locks to keep entry doors secure.

With standard 90-degree locking operation, users can activate the multipoint lock with ease. Once the key is true, the deadbolt activates at the center as two other locks activate above and below it. These locks are virtually impossible to pick, and they reduce stress on a door’s hinges when compared to single-point locks. Instead of causing hinge misalignment over time, multipoint locks keep the door swinging smoothly.

The center deadbolt features a 1-inch throw with an anti-saw and kick proof mechanism. Other elements of the multipoint lock include:

  • Fits standard double bore with 5.5-inch hole centers and 2 1/8-inch double bore
  • Faceplate measuring 0.787 inches
  • Backset measuring 2 3/4 inches
  • Overall length of 73.094 inches
  • Constructed out of steel

Use our multipoint locks for advanced security on a range of American entry doors. Pair this system with our other door hardware, such as multipoint lock handle sets. With many finishes and styles, security and design can exist together.

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Premium Hardware designs all multipoint door locks for high-level security and function. Give residents peace of mind with one of the best locking systems on the market. Add these security locks to your cart and order today.




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