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72228768 XL Triple Latch Entry Door Multipoint Lock


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About the Rockwell Multipoint Lock

The Rockwell XL triple latch multipoint lock is designed for entry doors to offer ultimate safety to users. The automatic independent triple-locking mechanism offers ease of use with 90-degree operation. After the user turns the key, the lock engages at the center, top and bottom of the door. A visual lock and unlock indicator lets the user know when the multipoint lock is active.

With its one-piece steel construction, installation is simple and long-lasting. Multipoint lock hardware is virtually impossible to break or pick, and it relieves pressure on the hinges compared to standard, single bolt locks. Over time, the multipoint lock mechanism can prevent misaligned and bent hinges that make it challenging to open and close a door. Insurance companies typically recognize the safety and long-term wear of multipoint lock hardware, so users can also enjoy lower premiums for their homes.

Once installed, the three locking mechanisms are stylishly concealed. The Rockwell multipoint lock also functions with a range of hardware, so safety does not mean sacrificing style. Explore our sleek and stylish multipoint lock handle sets to make your lock hardware reflect the style of the home.

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At Premium Hardware, we design our products to deliver the best possible results for users. Rockwell multipoint lock hardware works for a range of residential entry doors on all styles of homes. Enjoy trusted safety alongside our handle sets to give homeowners the peace of mind they want from their spaces. Place your order today!



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