88199831 Sonoma Sliding Glass Door Handle with Center Keylock in Polished Brass Finish Fits 3-15/16 CTC Screw Holes


The Premium Hardware product numbered 88199831 is our Sonoma Sliding Glass Door Handle with center key lock, finished in polished brass. If you’re starting a home renovation project, this modern sliding door handle set gives you everything — a flawless look and the strength and endurance that you need. The polished brass finish gives you sliding door a little something extra, while its strength is working for you around the clock.

Maintain your peace of mind by knowing your hardware is working to keep you and your family safe. When you shop with us, you get the premium, luxury product, but without that premium price.

Product Details

Your premium sliding door handle is made for mortise locking applications compatibility and a non-handed design, giving you greater ease of use.

Key Specifications

The backing of the door handle has two CTC screw holes that work with three-hole mounts that measure 3.937 inches apart, and the cylinder lock lies in the center between the two screw holes. With the backset application, you have the option of either inline or 1/8 inch offset spacing. The hardware works on all glass sliding doors with up to a 1.75-inch thickness.

Your Sonoma sliding glass door handle set comes with two handles — one for the outside and one for the inside of the door. Each handle has a thumb latch for simple locking and unlocking, as well as the cylinder lock for added safety. Every set comes with two copies of the key for the cylinder lock and installation fasteners, making installing the hardware on your door easy.

The set does not come with the mortise lock application. If you are in need of this piece of hardware, please browse through Premium Hardware’s wide selection of that type of product, as well as our inventory of sliding door handle sets. Add this model to your cart today.

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Additional information

Weight 2.123 lbs
Dimensions 9.650 × 4.330 × 3.150 in


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