Entryway Trends You Can’t Miss in 2021

10/08/2021, 1:29 PM
Entryway Trends You Can't Miss in 2021

The entryway welcomes homeowners into their sanctuary and visitors into a business. When designing an entrance, you want to set the stage for the space. One of the best ways to create a stylish entry is to rely on what’s trending. For the perfect welcome into a home or business, consider some can’t-miss entryway trends for the year ahead. We’ve gathered the most fashionable entry ideas, plus other tips for creating a lovely entrance for your home or business.

How Do You Style an Entryway?

Entryways are often small spaces, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them stylish. If anything, smaller areas let you experiment with the design for a stunning result. Whether you’re working with a space in a home or business, here’s what to keep in mind when you create an entrance.

  • Make it functional: When guests or homeowners come in, they need a practical space. They should have an area to put down their bags, hang their coats and move around to let others inside.
  • Make it flow: The entryway leads guests into the rest of a home or business. It should usher individuals inside, instead of blocking them by the door.
  • Make it fit: Unless you’re styling an eclectic space, the entryway should fit in with other rooms. A cohesive area is particularly vital if the entrance is open to the rest of the home or office.
  • Make it fun: As you’re designing a functional space, don’t forget to have a bit of fun. Put unique details that reflect your style and personality, or your company’s brand standards. The entryway is an introduction to the home or business, so it should set the mood.

Entryway Trends

As you’re styling an entrance, factor in recent and upcoming trends for a chic result. From colors to furniture and accents to use, consider these entryway trends you can’t miss in 2021.

A Stylish Door Color

A Stylish Door Color

To style an entryway, start with what guests see first — the front door. The color of the entrance door conveys so much, and you want to pick the right one. There’s a whole rainbow to consider for the front door, so the only limit is your imagination. Choose from these top color options for an entrance door.

  • Reds convey hospitality, passion and positivity. Go loud and bold with a pure red shade, or tone it down to burgundy for a sophisticated touch.
  • Blues relate to wealth and royalty, but can also convey fun. A blue hue is on-trend for the front door, as it gives an easygoing feel. Paler blues have a soothing touch, while vibrant blues are lively.
  • Yellows are cheerful and optimistic. Shades of yellow reflect light well and brighten up an entryway. Select pale shades for a classic look and vibrant yellows for a fun front door.
  • Black symbolizes authority and power. It’s a reserved, refined and consistent color that can make a front door look sleek and modern. It’s also a timeless color that goes with a handful of designs.
  • White evokes calm and cleanliness. It brightens up an entryway while remaining neutral and blending in with other decor. White is another timeless option that’s versatile with every style.

Remember the building’s exterior as you pick a door color. You don’t want it to clash with the siding or stone outside. While you can paint the door’s interior a different color than the outside, keep in mind how it opens. If the home or business owners leave their door open and it swings inside, they’ll see the exterior color.

Open Space

No one wants to walk into a home or business greeted by a cramped entryway. If you can, create an open concept for the entrance. For closed-in foyers, open a wall. If the entry is smaller and overtaken with clutter or furniture, eliminate what’s there and replace everything with slimmer furniture items. Create as much open space as possible while still maintaining the look of a separate entry area. An open entryway is also more convenient when multiple guests come over or a busy business has many clients, guests and other visitors coming and going.

An open concept will also help carry the eye throughout the space. A home or business will feel larger if your eye can travel through from the entryway to the opposite exterior wall. As you’re styling the area, walk in through the front door. Notice what immediately draws your eyes, and see if you can open the space to extend your sightline.

Light Wall Colors

A light wall color opens up an entryway even when it’s small. Pick white or off-white shades for the perfect versatile base. You may have to consider the rest of the home or business when you paint the entryway, particularly with an open concept. Repaint the rest of the area for a cohesive look. When you do so, you can select from cool or warm tones in light paint colors. A cool tone will feel energizing, fresh and modern. Warm tones create a comfortable and welcoming space, ideal for home entrances.

Durable Flooring

Entryways see a lot of foot traffic. Trends for entryways keep that in mind and opt for durable, yet stylish, flooring. If you’re redoing the flooring in an entryway, try to match it with nearby rooms and spaces.

For hardwood flooring or vinyl styles that mimic hardwood, orient the planks lengthwise, so they flow into the rest of the home or business. That will help carry the eye through the entrance into the rest of the space. Match the flooring color to the rest of the home or business, as well. If you’re revamping the entire area, consider light wood tones or wide planks to make the entry feel larger. Dark hardwood flooring is versatile for a modern or classic look.

With tile or vinyl in tiled styles, keep the area’s size in mind. Larger tiles provide a more spacious feel. If you have more room to work with, experiment with tiles in various sizes. You may also want to play with color or pattern, especially in a smaller space, for an on-trend touch.

Consider the homeowners’ lifestyle if you’re designing an entryway for a house. If they spend a lot of time outside, place a mat as a landing area for muddy or wet shoes. That’ll protect the already durable floor from extensive damage or dirt.

Stylish Lighting

Stylish Lighting

A light-colored, open space won’t reach its full potential unless it’s well-lit. If the entryway you’re designing doesn’t have much natural light, add lighting in other ways that also enhance style. Wall lights and sconces instead of floor lamps keep the entry area open. If the ceilings are tall, choose an impressive chandelier. Bold or unique varieties have been on-trend recently for entryways in particular.

When you select lighting, keep the entryway’s other accents in mind. Door hardware will likely be the most significant factor to consider. Match the metals or combine complementary tones for a stylish touch.

Decorative Storage

Everyone benefits from storage, especially in an entryway. Whether the space you’re working in has a coat closet or not, create extra storage with pieces that combine a decorative touch with functionality. Include one of these pieces or mix and match them for the ultimate storage addition to an entry.

  • A console table: Console tables are slim additions that suit almost any size entryway. Whether you’re tucking an entrance into a hallway right by the front door or you have a more formal foyer space, add a console table. The table’s surface is an ideal spot to put keys. The drawers can hold a wallet, a compact umbrella, a dog leash or any other small items someone would need to grab as they head out the door.
  • A bench with storage: These pieces serve as seating, storage and style all in one. Many entryway benches either open with hinges at the seat for storage inside or have drawers underneath. For hidden shoe storage in a home’s entryway, consider a bench that’s open underneath with enough space to stash footwear.
  • Hooks: Decorative hooks are functional for homes and businesses alike. In chilly or rainy weather, people need somewhere to hang their coats when they come inside. Depending on how much space you have to work with, you’ll want at least one hook per household member. Add low ones for kids or fill a whole section of an entrance area wall with hooks for storage. Select unique pieces that are sturdy enough to hold bulky coats.
  • Cubbies: Cube storage shelves are among today’s most sought-after storage trends, and for a good reason. They provide an impressive amount of storage in a piece you can easily make modern or classic. Include fabric bins for hidden storage that homeowners with lots to store will appreciate. Leave spaces open for kids to put their backpacks or adults to put a purse, satchel or tote bag.
  • Bowls or trays: With a table or other surface for homeowners to place keys and various items on, things could get cluttered. Recent entryway trends add decorative bowls, trays, baskets or other containers onto surfaces. Homeowners can corral their items into one stylish place and avoid the cluttered look.


Seating is vital for a comfortable entryway, but you can also use it as a chance to create a stylish touch. If you already have a bench doubling as decorative storage and you’re working in a small area, you may not need to do anything else. But if you have more room to play with in the space you’re styling, get creative.

Entryway seating can fit into almost any design. You’ll find midcentury modern features with slim, angled legs, traditional options with curved details and sleek, straight contemporary varieties. Whatever style you’re after, incorporate it with these seating ideas.

  • A low, upholstered bench: People need a comfortable place to sit when they’re taking off or putting on their shoes, and it’s easier to do so with a seat that’s low to the ground. Select an upholstered bench for a comfortable option that combines function with style.
  • A single, low-back chair: Perhaps you’re styling a smaller entryway, but still want to add seating. A low-back chair provides convenient seating without obstructing the eyeline.
  • Separate seats: If you have a large entryway at your office, give visitors adequate seating, especially if your lobby or foyer serves as a waiting area. Combine benches and individual seating for an eclectic result, or use a consistent seating style for a cohesive look.

Wall Decor

If you have the wall space in an entryway, decor is a must. Hanging decorative details on the walls will add personality without taking up valuable floor space. Enhance an entrance with these wall decor suggestions.

  • A mirror: This feature is a functional accessory. Homeowners will appreciate having a mirror right by the door to check their appearance one last time before leaving the house. If you’re putting a console table in an entryway, install a wall mirror above it. Circular styles can be anything from fun to midcentury, while square ones range from modern to classic.
  • Canvas art: An oblong canvas works perfectly in narrow hallways that serve as entryways. They’re also the perfect touch to put above a row of hooks or a console table if you put the mirror elsewhere. Select a piece that ties into the rest of the decor and matches the home’s or business’ feel. A seascape is calming, while a woodsy scene encourages curiosity and exploration. For something modern, go abstract.
  • Framed photos: Tell a story about the home or business with wall decor. Frame photos of the family or the business owners to introduce guests as they step inside. For a business, you may also consider framing achievements or certificates to encourage trust from clients.

Stylish Hardware

Stylish Hardware

Can’t-miss entryway trends in 2021 are all about the details. Stylish hardware from the handles to the hinges will tie everything together. Quality door hardware is especially essential to make a memorable first impression. It’s what guests or homeowners use to access the entryway, so you want durable and visually appealing hardware.

As you choose the perfect finishing touches for an entrance, factor in the shape and the color. These features will dictate the hardware’s style, with sleek lines leaning modern and curved details making a traditional look. With that in mind, select from metal finishes like these.

  • Brushed nickel provides a modern element to an entryway. The silver tone is suitable for contemporary styles, but some hardware comes in more traditional shapes.
  • Distressed nickel turns the modern shine into a more versatile option. A distressed finish suits older homes or traditional decor.
  • Antique black is a sophisticated tone for classic and transitional decor styles. In darker varieties, antique black hardware also suits modern entryways.
  • Bronze is slightly lighter than antique black with a richer brown color, particularly in a mahogany variety. The tone is sophisticated and well-suited for classic homes or office spaces.
  • Brass provides a golden, versatile tone. Incorporate stylish brass hardware in anything from traditional homes or businesses to midcentury modern or contemporary styles.

Use the door’s color to choose hardware, contrasting light tones with dark hardware or a dark door with light-toned hardware. You should also complement the door hardware to other accents in the entryway. Consider handles on storage furniture or any decorative metal items in the space.

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