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How To Replace An Interior Door Handle

We rely on door handles every day and typically don’t think much of them until they cause problems...
How to Choose a Sliding Door

How to Choose a Sliding Door

Sliding doors can be a great addition to any space. With so many types and styles to choose from, it’s helpful to know how to choose one. Find out more about the various sliding doors and learn some tips for finding the right sliding door for your project. Types of Sliding Doors Sliding doors can…
5 Back-to-School Home Improvement Projects

5 Back-to-School Home Improvement Projects

Back-to-school is a time for a reset, ushering in a new season of growth and development for kids. But it’s also a time for parents to assess their living spaces and make changes that will improve the whole family’s ability to enjoy the home. With virtual and hybrid schooling becoming more prevalent and long hours…
Learn how to replace a luxury door handle.

How to Replace a Luxury Exterior Door Handle

People sometimes forget about the importance of their exterior door. It is an important security concern. It adds curb appeal. And, perhaps most importantly, it gives a person their first impression of your home when they come to visit. However, increasingly, people are starting to invest in their exterior doors. According to a study from…
Top uses of your tax refund to help curb appeal, especially with front doors.

Top Four Home Improvement Uses for Your Tax Refund

After a while, aspects of every home, from the bathroom to the kitchen, need updating and refining. Some of these home improvements and renovation projects may require a significant budget, while others could be a smaller project more along the lines of maintenance. As a homeowner, one option is putting aside money each year to…