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Finishes List

ANSI/BHMA Numbers For Materials And Finishes

Code Description Base Material US Equivalent 600 Primed for Painting Steel USP 601 Bright Black Japanned Steel US1B 602 Zinc Plated Steel US2C 603 Zinc Plated Steel US2G 605 Bright Brass Clear Coated Brass US3 606 Satin Brass Clear Coated Brass US4 609 Satin Brass, Blackened, Satin relieved, clear coated Brass US5 610 Satin Brass,…
Modern Door Hardware Keying

Keying Terminology Glossary

Keying – The various keying arrangements for pin-tumbler cylinders Individual key – the key for an individual cylinder; Keyed alike – all cylinders may be operated by the same key (not to be confused with master keyed locks) Keyed different – a different individual key operates each cylinder Master key – a key to operate…
Luxury Door Hardware Glossary

Door Terminology Glossary

Bolt – The metal piece that extends and secures a door Cam – A flat piece fastened to the back of a mortise cylinder plug or mortise cylinder thumbturn. When rotated, it engages the lock mechanism and either locks or unlocks. Case – The housing of a lock. Cylinder – The round portion of the lock that…
How to replace a keyed deadbolt lock

How to Replace a Keyed Deadbolt Lock

Homeowners rely on deadbolts as an additional source of security to prevent unsolicited intrusions and robberies. While front door locks offer protection, they don’t provide strong safety measures like a deadbolt, which is harder for a burglar to defeat. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, households experienced 15.9 million property crimes in 2016, which…
Learn how to replace a luxury door handle.

How to Replace a Luxury Exterior Door Handle

People sometimes forget about the importance of their exterior door. It is an important security concern. It adds curb appeal. And, perhaps most importantly, it gives a person their first impression of your home when they come to visit. However, increasingly, people are starting to invest in their exterior doors. According to a study from…
Secure your doors for the holidays.

8 Home Security Tips for the Holidays

The holidays have arrived. Many of you will be turning the heat down to 55ºF and hopping into the car, wisely outsourcing the festivities to a vacation spot or some charitable relative’s home. This consequently leaves your home vacant for days or weeks on end. The holiday season floods our senses with messages of goodwill…
Top uses of your tax refund to help curb appeal, especially with front doors.

Top Four Home Improvement Uses for Your Tax Refund

After a while, aspects of every home, from the bathroom to the kitchen, need updating and refining. Some of these home improvements and renovation projects may require a significant budget, while others could be a smaller project more along the lines of maintenance. As a homeowner, one option is putting aside money each year to…
Luxury Front Door Safety Tips

Back-to-School Safety Tips for Latchkey Kids and Families

For many families, a typical weekday means juggling school and work schedules. That can get complicated, especially when schedules conflict — your kid may need to leave early for before-school activities, or you might have to stay late at the office working on a challenging project. Sometimes, you can’t reconcile your schedule with that of…