Front Door Trends to Boost Your Home Value

10/12/2022, 12:30 PM

Curb appeal refers to a home’s general exterior attractiveness. Your front door is an important part of how people perceive your property from the sidewalk and street. Taking steps to make it look more stylish and feel more secure can be beneficial in many ways. A few different updates can help you transform your entryway by enhancing your front door and adding special touches.

Learn more about current front door trends to boost your home’s curb appeal and value.

Can Your Front Door Add Value to Your Home?

Yes! Your front door is a staple part of your home’s value. It’s often the first thing a person notices about your house and can impact how your property is perceived. Curb appeal can account for up to 7% of your home’s total sale price, so you should take it seriously.

If you’re interested in selling your home sometime soon, updating your entry is a great way to leave a positive impression on potential buyers. Even if you don’t have plans to move, it can be beneficial to upgrade the different features of your front door. From lighting to color choices to hardware, you can use a few tricks to make your front door more eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing while enhancing its security.

Those with especially outdated or worn doors can benefit from buying a new entry door. However, you don’t need to replace your door to up the value of your residence. Doing things like swapping out accessories and adding a fresh coat of paint can be financially advantageous, too.

Explore the front door trends that can boost your home’s value and make your exterior look better than ever.

Front Door Color

In a recent study, people were found to be willing to pay $6,449 more for homes with high-contrast colored entry doors. The same study noted that black was the color with the highest payout, and slate blue and olive green were other popular hues with prospective buyers. Comparatively, colors like light pink could have a much lower payout than something more traditional.

Either painting or restoring the finish of your front door is an excellent way to bring it back to life and make your house look even more appealing from the street. A front door that’s well taken care of leaves a positive impression on visitors and prospective buyers and can have a powerful impact on whether they choose to tour your home when it’s on the market.


Another front door trend that can boost your home’s value is strategic exterior lighting. You may have overlooked how a few lights can enhance your entryway and add to your house’s curb appeal.

You can add lighting in a few locations to make your home’s entry look more attractive. Consider adding pathway lighting that guides the eye toward the front door or adding lights around the doorway to illuminate the entrance. Highlighting the front of your home with lights is a great way to accentuate its architecture.

Having exterior lighting is also an advantage when selling your home. It offers added security by keeping your space lit throughout after dark. Lights also expand your livable space in the evenings and allow you to utilize your front porch or yard when the sun goes down.

Solar lighting is an easy and environmentally friendly upgrade. You can place them wherever you’d like as long as they’re in the sunlight to charge during the day. They can illuminate your outdoor space without requiring special landscaping work or trench digging for electrical wiring.

Hardware Upgrades

Hardware upgrades can enhance your front door and further boost your home value. If you’re putting your residence on the market, put yourself in the shoes of prospective buyers. People looking to purchase your home will consider the smallest elements of your property.

Updating your front door hardware is a fantastic way to display your attention to detail and personal design preferences. Features like the doorknobs are one of the first parts of your home that visitors interact with, so a minor upgrade can make a huge difference.

Consider investing in high-quality hardware, such as durable hinges or stylish doorknobs. Swap out your locks for something new and more functional. If you have sliding front doors, getting new rollers can also be beneficial.

The following are some signs it’s time to swap out your hardware for something new:

  • Rust or cosmetic damage
  • Improper functioning
  • Outdated look

Be sure to pick options that pair well with the material and finish of your front door. You’ll want any visible hardware to complement your home’s style.

Door Accessories

In addition to upgrading your front door’s hardware, you can opt for new door accessories, such as:

  • Cameras: Enhance security by incorporating a camera into your entryway.
  • Mailslots: Even mailslots can get an upgrade. Consider adding a new one that’s more secure and stylish than your current one.
  • Doorbells: You can replace your existing doorbell with a smart system that links with your mobile phone.
  • House numbers: Adding new house numbers is a great way to showcase your home’s aesthetics. There are tons of styles and fonts available.
  • Door knockers: If you want to transform your front door, an easy way to do that is to add a door knocker. These accessories come in all shapes and sizes, so you’ll be able to find one that pairs well with your other design choices.

Your front door makes a statement about your house. Choosing the right accessories and hardware is important for creating your desired effect. A beautiful entryway can boost your home’s curb appeal and value.

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