How to Replace Shower Hardware

03/29/2023, 12:40 PM

How to Replace Shower Hardware

Shower hardware is an integral part of your bathroom. Shower door hinges and handles offer functionality, while towel bars are a convenient way to keep linens close by. Fortunately, learning how to replace shower hardware is a relatively easy task. 

If your current fixtures are worn out, or you want to freshen up your bathroom’s look, discover your shower hardware replacement options and how to install them with our simple instructions. 

Shower Hardware Replacement Options

If your shower hardware has become rusty, corroded or otherwise damaged — or if you’re simply ready for a new look in your bathroom — it’s time to install replacements. Premium Hardware offers a multitude of hardware styles to fit any aesthetic. 

Shower Door Hinges

Premium Hardware’s shower door hinges are designed with durability and style. You can customize shower door hinges with the following features:

  • Finish: Our shower door hinges are available in gorgeous, sophisticated finishes, including brushed nickel, antique black, chrome, polished chrome and oil-rubbed bronze. 
  • Edge profile: Choose square edges to lend industrial style to your bathroom, or opt for beveled edges if you want a softer look. 
  • Backplate: The backplate is the piece that attaches the hinge to the wall. Our hinges come with short, full or H-shaped backplates. 

Your choice of shower door weight is nearly unlimited when you choose Premium Hardware’s shower door hinges — they can support up to 140 pounds.  

Shower Door Handles

Shower door handles are a focal point of your shower. That’s why Premium Hardware’s shower door handles are designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind. Step into your shower with a luxurious welcome. We offer back-to-back and single shower door pulls with the following options:

  • Shape: Tubular, tubular mitered corner, crescent, ladder and square
  • Finish: Brushed nickel, chrome, polished chrome, antique black and oil-rubbed bronze

Shower Towel Bars

Complete your shower hardware lineup with a shower towel bar. These bars blend convenience with sophistication. Our shower towel bars are available in the following options:

  • Finish: As with our other hardware offerings, shower towel bars come in brushed nickel, chrome, polished chrome, antique black and oil-rubbed bronze finishes. 
  • Washer: You can opt for shower towel bars with or without washers. 
  • Style: You can choose towel bars with square, rounded or ladder-style corners. 
  • Length: Our towel bars are available from 18 to 28 inches long to accommodate towels of all sizes.

Creating a Cohesive Look

Shower hardware is the perfect opportunity to express your interior design tastes. A complete set of shower hardware in the same finish can help elevate your bathroom to a showpiece. And because it’s one of the most used rooms in a home, why not? 

Get familiar with the finishes available at Premium Hardware to help you choose your bathroom’s new look:

  • Brushed nickel: Brushed nickel shower hardware is etched with a wire brush to impart a textured look. Brushed nickel has a subtle, muted, almost matte shine.
  • Chrome: Chrome shower hardware is silvery with a vibrant, brushed finish. It resembles a mirror — shiny, glassy, bright and smooth. Chrome can sometimes have a slightly blue tinge. 
  • Polished chrome: Polished chrome shower hardware has a more modern, buffed appearance than traditional chrome. It’s clean and bright, with an almost white hue. 
  • Antique black: Antique black shower hardware is solid black with a subtle shine. 
  • Oil-rubbed bronze: Oil-rubbed bronze shower hardware resembles aged bronze. It’s dark, with shades of chocolate, copper and gray. 

How to Replace Shower Door Hinges

Hinges support your shower door and allow it to open and close properly. However, they’re prone to rust and corrosion due to the high moisture levels of a bathroom. Worn-out hinges may struggle to support the shower door’s weight, causing sagging and difficulty closing the door. 

Grab a screwdriver, enlist the help of a friend and follow the steps below to enjoy new shower door hinges: 

  1. Remove the sweep from the bottom of the shower door. Place wooden shims below the door to keep it in place. 
  2. Unscrew the inside of the hinge plate while your helper holds the exterior of the hinge. 
  3. Remove the hinge and its gasket. 
  4. Tightly screw in the new hinge the same way the old one came off. Don’t forget the gasket!
  5. Remove the shims from the bottom of the shower door and replace the sweep. You’re all set!

How to Replace a Shower Towel Bar

Upgrade your shower towel bar with the simple steps below:

  1. Unscrew the fasteners on the old towel bar and remove the bar from the shower door. 
  2. Insert the clear tubes into the towel bar holes in the shower door.  
  3. Starting with one end of the towel bar, loosely attach the screw fastener and washer to the inside of the shower door. Ensure the clear washers are between the shower door and towel bar. 
  4. Attach the washer and towel bar to the outside of the door. 
  5. Repeat the procedure for the other end of the towel bar.  
  6. Ensure the towel bar is straight. 
  7. Using the supplied Allen wrench, tighten the screw fastener by turning it clockwise. Be careful not to overtighten it or you may strip the screw.

How to Replace a Shower Door Handle

Freshening up your shower door handle is quick and easy:  

  1. Remove the old shower door handle by using a pair of pliers to remove the endcap, which is the small metal piece on the inside of the door that keeps the handle in place. 
  2. Turn it counter-clockwise until it’s loose enough that you can finish with your hands, catching the endcap if it falls. 
  3. Slide the old handle out of its holes.
  4. With the old handle removed, now is a great time to clean the glass. Use a washcloth and limescale remover to wipe away any dirt and limescale residue from the glass around the shower door handle. 
  5. To install the new, double-sided handle, align it with the existing holes in the glass. 
  6. Your shower door handle should come with small rubber washers to protect the glass and form a seal. Fit these to the end of the handle. 
  7. With the handle in place, secure it with masking tape. 
  8. Align the interior shower door handle with the exterior one and screw them into position. 
  9. You can now remove the masking tape. 

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