5 Problems That Mean It’s Time to Replace Your Home’s Windows

01/07/2022, 2:20 PM
5 Problems That Mean It's Time to Replace Your Home's Windows

If you are considering remodeling your home or selling, you may want to think about the conditions of your windows. While they seem like a small detail, your home’s windows can play a significant role in the home’s overall ability to function and can help boost your curb appeal when selling.

Windows age with time. Like all home structures, they experience large amounts of wear protecting your home, and many problems can arise over time due to aging. When you notice these problems, it may signify that your windows are ready for replacement. Replacing your windows can keep buyers interested and content with your home.

1. Your Bills Are Higher Than Normal

One sign that your windows might be past their prime is if their sealant has begun to degrade. Leaks are a natural sign of aging windows, but judging when the sealant wears out can be challenging just by looking at your windows. However, there are many signs you can use to determine if you need to consider new windows.

If you notice your bills have begun to rise above your normal threshold for heating and cooling your home, this can be a sign that your windows are less capable of locking out the cold or heat in the summer or winter. Drafts will cause cold or hot air from outside to seep into your home, causing your heating and cooling systems to work harder as they try to compensate for leaking air. Because of this, your energy bills will rise as your equipment continues to work harder.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that window leaks account for 25 to 30% of heating and cooling usage. When you replace your leaky windows, your heating and cooling systems can work more efficiently and save you money because windows can keep out changes in temperature outside your home more effectively.

If you are unsure if you have drafty windows that are raising your energy bill costs, you can simply test your windows for drafts by getting a candle or lighter and safely bringing it to your windows. By holding the flame near the window frames, you can better visualize drafts by watching the flame’s movement. If the flame flickers or goes out, your windows may be letting in a draft.

2. You Notice Leaking Water

Homes in areas with extreme weather conditions or frequent rain might experience more wear to window hardware, especially frames and seals. Wood frames decay over time from exposure to water and heat, and glass panes can get scratches and cracks during storms. If you notice that water has begun seeping into your home during or after rain or snowstorms, it may be time to replace your windows.

Water leaks can be small drips between wood panels or large puddles that form when it rains. Regardless of how the leaks look, windows are supposed to keep the weather out and help protect your home and belongings from the elements. Further, exposure to moisture can make your windows more prone to mold and decay, creating unsafe health conditions in your home. The presence of mold can deter buyers or decrease your home’s value.

3. You Have Difficulty Opening, Closing or Locking Windows

Your window’s hardware will wear over time. Because they protect your home from the outdoors, their exposure to several conditions can cause dirt and debris to get caught in tracks and sills, making it hard to open and close windows. However, other factors, like old or degrading roller systems and springs, can make it difficult to open or close your windows.

While your windows primarily protect your home and interior from the elements, ensuring your windows can close properly also helps keep your home secure. When you can’t close your window properly, you might not be able to latch the lock completely or at all. Twenty-three percent of home invaders target open first-floor windows to gain entry to homes. Houses with visible damage, especially around entry points like windows, can also make homes stick out to burglars.

23% of home invaders target open first-floor windows to gain entry to homes.

In addition to protecting your home from invasions, you need to open your windows to protect yourself from fire hazards. In case of a fire, you need to open your windows and create a safe path away out of the building. You may even need to open your windows in your kitchen to air out smoke while cooking.

Being able to securely close your windows can better protect your home from adverse weather and save you money on electricity bills. With upgraded windows, you can better enjoy fresh air on days with nice weather.

4. You See Condensation on Windows

All windows form condensation on the glass, but condensation can quickly become a problem if it develops between glass panes, which is a sign that the sealant in your windows is thinning or worn through. This wear can lead to further problems. Your window’s seals help keep moisture and air out and your home’s heating and air conditioning in, so condensation can let you know that it might be time to replace your windows to keep them functioning at their best.

Windows experience a lot of wear because of the climate. Condensation on your windows may be a sign that your glass has small holes or cracks in it, allowing moisture to slip between glass panes. Some windows incorporate gases into the glass for stronger protection. Scratches, holes and overall aging can cause this gas to leak, causing windows to form condensation or fog on the glass.

While condensation is a sign of overall wear, condensation also prevents you from enjoying the natural light and scenery outside your home. When you update your windows, you can continue to gain enjoyment from your windows.

5. Sounds Carry From Street

Your home is your space to relax and away from the outside world. If you notice more sounds from outside, whether that is passing cars, sirens or even the conversations of passersby, it might be a sign that it is time to replace your home’s windows.

Sound can be bothersome and impede on quiet time in your home, especially if you live in a city or somewhere with high traffic, and high noise levels can even impact your health. National geographic argues that any sound over 85 decibels is harmful to people’s ears. For reference, the typical lawnmower reaches about 90 decibels, while thunder usually falls around 120 decibels. National Geographic argues that any sound over 85 decibels is harmful to people's ears.

Noise pollution can negatively impact people who are continually exposed to high levels of noise. Noise pollution can lead to:

  • Hearing loss.
  • Elevated blood pressure.
  • Sleep loss.
  • Increased stress.

When you notice that you can hear more of your surroundings, protect your ears and health by replacing your windows. Most professionals recommend two-pane glass windows to seal out noise effectively, but you should explore your options to find the window choice that best fits your home’s needs.

Benefits to Replacing or Updating Your Windows

When you update or replace your old windows, you are investing in your home’s care and maintenance. There are countless benefits to upgrading your windows, including:

  • Improved curb appeal: Upgrading or replacing your windows can make your home more attractive to potential buyers. New windows offer a more appealing look, and function better. Potential buyers will love touring a well-insulated and mold-free home.
  • Boosted cost-effectiveness: Manufacturers design windows to last decades. When you upgrade or replace your windows, you invest in your home’s future with an installment that can last a long time and provide for your home. Replacing your windows can save you money long-term, especially since new windows can help you save money on energy costs.
  • Refreshed look: When you upgrade and replace your windows, you can choose hardware that caters to a specific aesthetic for your home. Whether you want something modern or sleek, you can find and customize hardware to meet the style needs of any home or project. When you give your home a refreshed exterior, you can boost your home’s curb appeal even further.
  • Increased home security: After investing in new windows for your home, you can better protect your home from theft and natural disasters. When installing new windows, you can deter thieves from targeting your home and keep locks secure to keep unwanted visitors out. Further, with high-quality windows, you can keep out the cold, heat, water and mold, keeping your household healthy and comfortable.
  • Enhanced features: If you need new windows, it might be because your current windows are outdated. Since your window’s installation, technology has evolved. You can find windows with improved features, like UV protection to save your belongings from fading in the sun and strong glass that acts as storm windows so you don’t need to lower different panes to prepare for storms.

Whether you are selling or updating your home, you can improve your home’s functions by replacing your old windows with newer models to enhance your property.

FAQs for Replacing Your Home’s Windows

If you are considering replacing your home’s windows, you might need more information. Asking the right questions and seeking answers can help you best prepare for replacing your windows.

When Do I Need to Replace My Home’s Windows?

Windows are long-lasting fixtures, but that doesn’t mean they last forever. Keeping track of your window’s age can help you determine when you will need to think about updating them, so you can prepare and budget for their replacement. Most experts expect windows to last about 15 to 20 years. While this can help you ballpark when to begin replacing your windows, it can also help you understand the investment of your new windows.

Most experts expect windows to last about 15 to 20 years.

You can also determine when to replace your windows on the signs they show as they age. Some of the above signs may mean that certain parts need updating, but if you notice that more than one sign starts to show or if you have repeating problems, it may be time to replace your windows.

Who Can Replace My Home’s Windows?

Many homeowners hire contractors to replace their windows, knowing they have specialized skills and experience and can install their new windows with care. Many contractors will also have years of experience working with windows, so they can advise you as you move through the selection and installation process. Contractors can help you at every step of the way, whether window replacement is part of a bigger project or the main focus.

People who love Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects can also replace their windows. Just make sure you research what you will need and how to safely replace your windows, so you can best care for and protect your home as you work through your project.

What Needs Replacing or Updating on Windows?

You can update almost anything on your windows, from the wood paneling to the locks and springs that help you easily open your windows. If you are upgrading for aesthetic purposes, you can consider different materials for paneling and wooden panes, but you can also choose from various functional features as well, like different glass panes and locks to keep windows firmly shut.

When replacing your windows, you have the choice to include various new features that might not have been available when the windows were first installed. Some examples of new features include:

  • Impact-resistant glass: Upgrading your glass can provide various functions. If you are looking for extra security on your windows, impact-resistant glass can better protect your home from break-ins or heavy debris.
  • Blinds between glass: Blinds and curtains are essential for controlling the amount of light in a room and maintaining privacy. However, they also carry large amounts of dust, requiring more cleaning and possibly triggering allergies. Now, you can place your blinds between glass panes for less cleaning while protecting your privacy.
  • Tilting frames: Cleaning your windows might be difficult, but it is necessary to maintain quality and functionality. You can install windows that tilt so you can better access glass that was tricky to reach before.

When replacing your windows, you can thoroughly explore your options to discover new features that can improve your window’s functions and make cleaning easier for you. Further, many manufacturers design these features to be sleek and modern, so they won’t compromise your home’s style.

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